Ethereum rival Polkadot launches Polkastarter DEX and liquidity mining

Polkastarter DEX launches with limited liquidity pools.

The platform aims to compete with Ethereum with high speed transactions.

The POLS token price is up 75% this month

A new decentralized exchange has appeared in the already crowded DeFi space. The platform is offered by the Polkadot network, Ethereum’s rival.

December 15th marks the official launch date of the Immediate Bitcoin. The platform was designed for cross-chain token pools and auctions, with the aim of enabling projects to raise capital on the Polkadot network .

Polkastarter was officially announced in September when the project listed its native POLS token on Uniswap. It has now been brought online with the first cash pool offering rewards for exchanging ETH for POLS.

Tomorrow we are launching the new @polkastarter website with our new branding. The logo and other elements are now updated on all social media.

There are two other pools that are still in the testing phase that should offer exchanges with SpiderDAO, a privacy-based online project.

A DEX different from the others?

While Polkastarter is entering an already crowded DEX ecosystem, it will offer new features like cross-chain pools, all-asset support, fixed swap pools, and a secure listed pool.

It also allows projects to list tokens at a fixed price. This should help ensure lower volatility at launch, as prices will be held for as long as the initial token supply lasts.

DEX already has a growing list of partners which includes the secure data transfer platform Shyft Network, the Moonbeam Network which processes the Solidity programming language, the automated liquidity provider Orion Protocol, the API service provider Covalent and the open platform. -source oracle active decentralized information (DIA).

Institutional investor Digital Finance Group has also pledged financial support for the platform.

Polkadot, which powers the new DEX, has openly said it has targeted Ethereum and aims to „go well beyond the current ERC-20 standard.“

Ethereum and Ripple: double-digit elevations today

The week begins in the sign of altcoin. First and foremost, it’s the prices of Ethereum and Ripple, which achieve a double-digit increase in just a few hours.

The movement started during the weekend and saw the euphoria of the rise that had exalted Bitcoin last week, moving to the altcoins.

Ethereum and Ripple prices drag down the altcoins

Ethereum in the last few hours is back above $600, a level not recorded since May 26, 2018. Ripple also returns to the levels of November 2018 and regains the 55 cents of dollars. These rises drag the entire altcoin sector.

It’s a moment of glory for the whole sector that returns above $550 billion of capitalization, the highest level since January 2018.

Unlike what was happening last week, this additional total market cap gain in the last 48 hours also benefits from the rise in altcoin capitalisation.

Taking Bitcoin’s capitalization down to $343 billion, altcoins alone capitalize over $207 billion, the highest level not seen since the end of May 2018.

The strong bullish movement of the last few hours has also gained ground for the dominance of Ethereum, which is now more than 12.2%, a market share that ETH has not recorded since the beginning of September.

Ripple, on the other hand, even returned over 4.5%, the highest level since December 2019.

Today, ETHs and XRPs are the best among the big ones, with Stellar (XLM) earning as much as ETH +12%, but Ripple has earned 20% over the last 24 hours. XRP doubles its share from last Monday’s levels.

Generally speaking, only Horizen (ZEN) is better, earning 44% on a daily basis, an ecosystem of an alternative blockchain that scales down the sidechain protocol making it decentralized and customizable.

The euphoria of altcoin does not infect DeFi

This movement with a strong strengthening of Ethereum, the most used token as collateral in DeFi, does not show a particular recovery by DeFi with the TVL that remains over 14 billion but without any particular upturn.

This is due to the situation of Uniswap which sees users continue to demobilise ETH’s collateral positions. The number of ETHs in the various protocols is falling, below 7 million, the lowest level since early September.

The number of bitcoins blocked in the Defi sector remains stable, at just over 170,000.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin surpasses the weekend staying close to the record levels of the last 3 years, recorded at the end between Friday and Saturday, with the price of Bitcoin that for the first time since December 2017 has reached 18,950 dollars. For Bitcoin it is the highest level since mid December 2017.

It is a trend at the moment supported more by the technical aspect than by the volumes: in fact, during the weekend the exchanges have decreased and they remained above 3 billion dollars, but below the record set last week at 6.5 billion for one of the days with the most exchanges of the year,

It’s a delicate week for BTC, which will have to find confirmation of the $17,500, a real level of support in the medium term.

Ethereum (ETH)

The strong bullish movement makes Ethereum gain about 30% from Friday’s levels. It is an impulsive movement that makes the quotations fly to the highest levels of the last two years, abandoned at the end of May 2018.

ETH remains healthy despite the period of uncertainty that lasted throughout October. November is proving to be a month to be redeemed with this strong jump upwards.

The continuation of the week is now important for Ethereum. In contrast to BTC, ETH has created a more solid structure and this is confirmed by the trend of these hours that see Ethereum leap above $600 for the first time since May 2018.

O preço do bitcoin sobe acima de US $ 19.700, um novo recorde histórico

Bitcoinatingiu hoje um novo recorde histórico, com o mercado de criptomoeda líder chegando a US $ 19.800 nas últimas horas. Este marco quebrou o recorde anterior de $ 19.666 registrado na bolsa Bitstamp em 16 de dezembro de 2017.

Grande marco para Bitcoin

Criar um novo recorde histórico representa um marco importante para o Bitcoin no que foi um ano notável para a moeda principal. O Bitcoin foi capaz de enfrentar uma grande crise econômica, como a pandemia Covid-19, e embarcou em uma longa corrida de alta desde sua baixa anual em março.

Bitcoin ganhou mais de 150% em valor nos últimos oito meses em uma corrida de alta que surpreendeu muitos dentro da comunidade de criptografia. A moeda principal se afastou da especulação econômica tradicional e traçou sua própria tendência nos últimos meses.

O Bitcoin foi capaz de se recuperar no fim de semana após sofrer um crash repentino na quinta-feira que resultou na moeda abaixo de $ 17.000. O Bitcoin conseguiu obter ganhos constantes no sábado e no domingo, levando a moeda a entrar na nova semana com grandes expectativas da comunidade de criptografia.

Alcançar o máximo histórico é apenas o começo, de acordo com os principais interessados ​​que acreditam que estamos no meio de uma corrida de alta. No momento em que este artigo foi escrito, o Bitcoin foi corrigido e está avaliado em $ 19.300.

A demanda institucional aumentou em 2020

A recente corrida de alta também foi impulsionada pelo aumento da adoção de instituições e entidades financeiras tradicionais. Escala de cinza fundos de investimento têm mais de US $ 10 bilhões em criptomoedas, com uma grande proporção em Bitcoin. MicroStrategy também foi notícia por dois enormes investimentos em Bitcoin, totalmente em torno de US $ 500 milhões. PayPal também se juntou ao trem anunciando planos para apoiar Bitcoin e outras criptomoedas em outubro.

Além das instituições, a indústria de varejo de Bitcoin experimentou um crescimento maciço, que é evidente no número total de endereços de Bitcoin ativos atingindo níveis históricos. A capitalização de mercado do Bitcoin também registrou níveis recordes nos últimos dias. Com mais instituições financeiras definidas para investir na moeda principal, há previsões de que seu preço só continuará a subir nos próximos meses.

Como esperado, as notícias de que o Bitcoin atingiu seu ponto mais alto foi recebido com entusiasmo pela comunidade de criptografia. A próxima grande resistência para o Bitcoin é a marca de $ 20.000, que marcaria a próxima fase da corrida de alta.