We told you about it quite recently: Crypto.com is not just a state-of-the-art mobile application and a bank card with a cashback to make you fade! No, it’s also a cutting edge crypto exchange that has just landed, and is about to make a lot of noise. How? ‚Or‘ What ? By offering you a number of advantages, and we’re not going to lie: they are really worth the detour!

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A millimeter plan to get you hooked

We know, currently, it is passive income that attracts crypto-curious from all sides ! And if DeFi and its curious sphere of yield farming don’t mean too much to you at the moment, there are fortunately other solutions to patiently collect cryptocurrencies , day after day, and without the slightest effort!

The News Spy launched its new exchange very recently, and one of its many facets may well interest you: the platform indeed offers you a generous compensation for the staking of your precious CRO , its in- house cryptocurrency .

First, Crypto.com allows you to get very plump cuts your cost trading , right from the first steps of staking of CRO . But the platform knows that this will not be enough to attract you, you sleuths of the cryptosphere .

This is why a second component is added to this state- of-the-art loyalty offer : the payment of a net premium on the amounts of CRO that you agree to put into receivership .

Thus, you are double winners : from the first level of CRO stakes, Crypto.com will pay you an interest rate of 20% on your locked nest egg

The offer is clearly worth a detour even if you do not have the ambition to use the platform to trade cryptocurrencies. Crypto.com celebrates its growth with generous offers and gives its utility token some enticing benefits.